MOTOmed viva1

The most sold motor driven, software-controlled movement therapy machine for people with paralysis, spasticity and physical weakness. Ideal for daily passive, assistive and active movement training in the rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facility, or at home. - Moving gently legs or arms (arm/upper body trainer as accessory available): passively, assitively or actively - Integrated therapy support with ServoCycling, SmoothDriveSystem, SymmetryTraining... - For your safety: SpasmControl with automatic direction change, MovementProtector, safety foot shells... - Moveable and slip-proof (all metal construction)

MOTOmed viva2

The motor-assisted movement therapy trainer with refined specifications and ideal operating features for people with disability. For daily passive, assistive and active movement training in the rehabilitation centre, skilled nursing facility, or at home. Mobile but yet highly stable due to the all-metal design. And it is compact, too: The MOTOmed requires no more space than a chair! The MOTOmed viva2 with its large display (approx. 11.3 x 8.4 cm/4.5 x 3.3 inches) and big palpable buttons is particulary suitable for patients with:
- limited motor activity in arms, hands and fingers MOTOmed viva2 provides: big buttons and handlebar - vision and perception disorders MOTOmed viva2 provides: big letters and numbers, approx. 2 cm/ 0.8 inches high - low muscle strength and depth sensibility disorders (bathyaesthesia) MOTOmed viva2 provides: visual biofeedback to distinguish active and passive training mode - general problems in operating appliances MOTOmed viva2 provides: simplified operation with integrated operating guide

MOTOmed Gracile

Motorized MovementTherapySystems – specifically designed for the needs of children. The MOTOmed gracile consists of the following features:
- Suitable for very narrow leg positions: the distance between the inner rims of the foot shells is only 12 cm/4.8 inches - Height adjustment of the pedal axle including foot shells from 26 to 46 cm/10.4 to 18.4 inches (from the ground). Therefore the MOTOmed gracile is adjustable to various wheelchair heights, seating cushions and accommodates the growth of your child. - Passive training with motor - Active training with muscle strength, assisted by the motor

- Active training with muscle strength against adjustable resistance levels

MOTOmed letto

The motor driven, user-friendly MovementTherapySystem for patients confined to bed.

For daily passive, assistive and active movement training from the bed or bench. For patients confined to bed in clinics, skilled nursing facilities or at home. The MOTOmed letto can be easily moved to the bed, locked reliably and adjusted so that the patient doesn't have to be transferred. It is an ideal assistance for physiotherapy, for initiating mobility, and to prevent contracture, decubitus or thrombosis.

The MOTOmed letto comes with safety foot shells and the features SmoothDriveSystem, MovementProtector, SpasmControl with automatic direction change and ServoCycling.

MOTOmed RehaMove

MOTOmed Movement Therapy in combination with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) provides new therapy opportunities

Motor driven movement therapy devices are usually utilized within the therapy of movement disorders. RehaMove extends this therapy method by adding Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to enable even patients with complete spinal cord injury to use their muscles actively. Thus functional electrical stimulation opens up new therapy possibilities for paraplegic and quadriplegic patients. Especially stroke patients may use this opportunity to support their neurological rehabilitation. Indications: complete and incomplete spinal cord injury, patients with paralysis

RehaMove consists of a MOTOmed movement therapy device and a Hasomed RehaStim electrical stimulator. Via electrodes attached to the skin, electrical impulses stimulate the muscles of the leg in a synchronized way to produce a rotational movement of the limb. Synchronization is achieved through communication with the movement therapy device. The RehaStim stimulator reads the position of the crank arms from the therapy machine and sends the impulses to muscles accordingly. RehaMove Therapy improves muscle strength and supports the cardiovascular system

Regular therapy with the RehaMove builds up muscle strength and supports the cardiovascular system. This provides actual workout for the stimulated muscles.

Patients with limited muscle functions, e.g. after a stroke or an injury, are expected to improve their recovery process when functional electrical stimulation is used. Cyclical movements can be re-learned and it provides therapy for patients who are yet not able to do gait training due to their physical limitations. Less effort from the therapist is needed while having a more effective rehabilitation procedure.