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Movement Therapy

Awaken the Pleasure of Movement

MOTOmed Movement Therapy

Movement is essential to both your physical and emotional well-being. It creates a positive state of mind and stimulates the brain.

The MOTOmed movement trainer is a smart, motor driven, software controlled movement therapy system designed to move a patient’s legs or arms. The device can be used as either an active (where the user pushes) or passive (motor takes over) arm and leg exerciser. It can detect spasms and reverse pedaling to relieve contractions. It’s sophisticated software detects and easily moves between active and passive cycling. The movements are smoothly controlled, similar to bicycling. Depending on the model, a person may train from the comfort of a chair, from a wheelchair or even in supine position from the bed. MOTOmed devices need only as much room as a chair. The motor runs gently and smoothly and the many accessories enable optimal adaptation to the individual needs of the user for personalized training. Therapy goals include the reduction of spasticity, rediscovering residual muscle strength, counteracting the consequences of lack of movement, promotion of mobility and the overall sense of well being that comes from movement.

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